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Responsible Environmental Management
We are a registered weed & vegetation control company based in Bunbury.
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Wetlands & Sensitive Area Management

Mainspray is an environmentally responsible business with an understanding of the impact and management of imported weeds on flora and fauna. All our pest technicians are trained in the correct methods of spraying in wetlands along with the identification of Special Environment areas (SEA) and the risk management associated with spraying in these particular areas.

Specific control and management programmes are essential when spraying herbicide in wetlands, so as not to effect the native flora and fauna. An Integrated Pest Management plan (See - 'Commons weeds and their control' on home page) is often employed in wetlands. E.G. Herbicide spraying of pest grasses and large infestations of difficult to remove weeds, such as blackberry, supplemented with hand removal of other weeds.

Mainspray manages SEA's within road reserves by:

  • Protecting and promoting the recovery of threatened species within designated sites utilising specific management techniques.
  • Preserving Threatened Ecological Communities (TEC) by managing undesirable vegetation within these communities.
  • Liaising with Government departments to establish management guidelines when working in these areas
  • Recording and protecting rare flora sites to ensure their safety and recovery
  • Understanding and promoting the importance of cultural and heritage sites
  • Understanding the requirements of disease risk areas. E.g. Phytopthera cinnamomi (Dieback)

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Responsible Environmental Management

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