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Fire breaks Bunbury and South west WA

Firebreaks and Fuel Reduction.

Fire breaks are a vital part in keeping fires from spreading and are compulsory by law.

  • All fire breaks must be compliant with the Fire Prevention Order by 30th November each year.
  • All town site and industrial areas must have all flammable material slashed or grazed to a height stipulated by your local authority.
  • Small holdings require a firebreak to be maintained inside and along external boundaries.
  • General farming areas require a firebreak to be maintained along the property boundary where it adjoins a road or rail reserve.
  • It is a requirement to have a 20m low fuel zone around buildings and haystacks.

    Herbicide Method
  • This method is very effective in controlling vegetation growth through fence lines. This is best done in August /September.
  • Selective herbicide can be used to reduce exotic grasses such as veldt grass, rye grass and wild oats in bush blocks. If this is done in winter/spring, it reduces the fuel levels normally associated with these grasses as they naturally die off in summer and become a fire hazard.

Mowing Mowing is best for parkland cleared blocks with limited access to tractors. This is best done a few times throughout the year between July and November. This will reduce the amount of debris left behind after mowing and therefore reduce fire levels.

Slashing and Rotary Hoeing Slashing is the most effective method for open grasses or under story vegetation. This is best done in October / November.
A combination of slashing and rotary hoeing is best done in November.

We provide firebreak maintenance for absentee landowners.

Responsible Environmental Management

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