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Our Main Services

Weed Control

MainSpray is a registered and fully licensed weed and vegetation control company. We provide high quality weed control services, using latest technologies and highly qualified staff, according to the clients needs.

We manage roadside weed and vegetation control, utilising both herbicide application and mechanical methods. Plantation weed management and rehabilitation work, establishment and maintenance of re-vegetated areas, plus weed management in wetland areas throughout the South West, including vegetation removal and pruning.
Weed control and fire breaks for absentee land-owners.

Tree Planting

Our company carries out tree planting and rehabilitation projects, plus delivers consultancy services for long term weed control for clients with large land-holdings. We also undertake the rehabilitation of mine sites, transfer stations and after road works.

Wetlands & Sensitive Area Weed Management

    Mainspray also manages Special Environmental Areas (SEA) within road reserves by:-
  • Protecting and promoting the recovery of declared threatened species within designated sites utilising specific management techniques;
  • Preserving Threatened Ecological Communities (TEC) by managing undesirable vegetation within these communities;
  • Liaising with government departments to establish management guidelines when working within these areas; and
  • Recording then protecting rare flora sites to ensure their safety and recovery.

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