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Welcome to Mainspray
Responsible Environmental Management
We are a registered weed & vegetation control company based in Bunbury.
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Vegetation and weed control

Mainspray provides high quality weed control services, using latest technologies and highly qualified staff, according to clients needs.

We manage roadside weed and vegetation control, utilising both herbicide application and mechanical methods. We deliver long term vegetation and consultancy services for clients with large land holdings, Shires, Government departments, Land conservation groups, Mining companies and catchment councils.
We also cater for small land holders and industrial properties.

Mainspray uses a variety of spraying techniques.

  • Boom Spraying
  • Handgun spraying
  • Back pack spraying
  • Wick wiping
  • Basal barking

We use a variety of methods:
  • Slashing
  • Mowing
  • Hand pulling
  • Chainsaw cutting & pruning

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